When I moved to China in 2016, I landed with 10 years of experience in design.
After a few months, I took on the management of a master's degree in international design strategy, immersing myself in the education system.

I realized to what extent education and the professional world are two parallel worlds.
Even if schools are increasingly integrating internships and partnerships with companies into their programs. The company often for the sake of profitability focuses on a planning linked to the project while forgetting to continue education which can result in an impoverishment of the creative and innovative capacities of the team.

I like to step in to revitalize creative teams and offer personalized training, in connection with the projects carried out by the company.
We must reintroduce education in management.



Creativity is linked to general culture but also to the ability to combine ideas and express them.
Brainstorming isn't the only tool that can help with creativity.
There are a multitude of tools, interactions, accessories and actions that lead to more relevant creativity.
Having ideas is a good start, but generating concepts is creativity.

Design process


There is a standard design process, taught in schools, which is a good working basis.
As a professional, the design process can become more complex and adapt to the company's infrastructure and the projects carried out.
We can design your own design process.

Visual culture


Like an exhibit that would come to you, I present market research heavily embellished with visuals.
The theme of the presentation is decided upstream in line with your needs.

Design Management


Make your design dialogue with society. Let's think together how to better interact with your target. This involves defining and studying your market, but also knowing how to play with trends and stand out from the competition.

Design strategy


Having a good design isn't much if we don't have the technology to bring it to market.
Optimize the development of your design with the appropriate technologies for better marketing.