As a designer, I think it is essential to do this personal research to provide some inputs to my design projects.
As Robert Filliou and Fluxus talked about the permanent creation, I believe in the permanent research.

Identified Design


I cover designed elements in red and white stripes.
It's a way to identify what is artificial, to make a balance between artifice and natural.
It's a tool to influence our way to observe our environment and to question the impact of design in our society.
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Space Materialization


I make gold elements to question about space materialization.
It's made to identify the air, what we usually not consider in our observation.
Gold gives a value to this emptiness. Maybe the dream of our society.
Many of my concepts are made to make the viewer change temporarily his consideration,
his point of view.
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The Totem or Contemporary Cairn is a symbol of initiative. When we find a new way on the land, we build some Cairn.
The Cairn is made of stones found on site. In my contemporary way of life, most of the time I'm in an artificial environment. To mark a new initiative, a start of a new project, a new study or a discovery, I build a Cairn with objects found on site. I like this principle of fragility, of balance, an ephemeral creation. The fact that objects are not made to be assembled in order to generate creativity.
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(This painting cost 1000€) I design concepts to challenge the economic system of creation.
By establishing new rules, the public is invited to reconsider its habits.
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BUtterfly Effect


I assemble pictures, to generate some new stories. I like these shapes or color association.
It's a memory and combination game to surprise myself with accidents and images dialogues.
These unexpected connections bring some new ideas and creativity.
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I'm working on a Circular art project.
I collect some of my used paper and materials. I work on some homemade recycling technologies to produce some supports where I can draw or paint. I'm experimenting some cyanoprint photography and laser cutting to design some clean shapes made of scraped projects.
I also question myself on the value of circular economy. I'm currently working on some extreme concepts of luxury recycled jewels.
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Logo Twist


I made several attempts to mix logos.
I wonder about the readability and ability of branding to impose some graphic references to our brain.
Conversely, an image can remind us a branding / storytelling, giving more importance to a brand than the fact.
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Vernacular Photography


I have a vernacular photography quest.
Many people wait to have an empty place to take picture. Now I look for people on my photography.
I try to identify basic common actions to share how is China today with my network. Something different than what is shared on media.
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Design Education History


To lead the China Studio from 2016 to 2021, I had to understand the origin of design education.
I started a research on the international design education history.
By placing this story on a timeline, representing schools but also stakeholders, we understand how this economy has evolved.
This is also strongly linked to the evolution of design professions.
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China - France History


When I arrived in China, I knew the main lines of French history that we learn at school.
I had also read the history of China by J.K. Fairbank.
I am working on a time line representing face to face the whole of Chinese and French history.
This allows you to take some distance and have a better understanding of international history.
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I have always been fascinated by cinema and the possibility of animating drawings.
I have done several short animation projects and regularly try new things through video.
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