MOVEMENT is a set of actions carried out to activate the creativity around me.

Parties in my flat


From 2007 to 2016, I have organized several events in my apartment to connect with unexpected people.
By wild casting, sometimes in the street, I invited people seeking to connect talents.
These evenings were also an opportunity to show my artistic projects and discuss with them in order to make progress.



For many years, I hosted a film club in my apartment. I proposed a film, generally having marked the creativity in the history of the cinema. People bought themselves a pizza in the pizzeria located downstairs in the street, we watched the film on a screen and we discussed it afterwards while eating.
We saw some movies as: Aelita queen of Mars, Who are you Polly Maggoo, Things to come, Tetsuo, ...

Lutecia Arena


To impose a rhythm in my personal experimentations,
I organized free meetings each Saturday afternoon in the Lutecia Arena, Paris 5th arrondissement.
The event was set on Facebook, open to everyone.
The concept was to bring our last experimentation, to show and explain it in the arena to other participants.
Unfortunately, after several attempts where I found myself alone, I decided to try something else.

PingPong Fan Club


With some friends, I launched a public group on Facebook that offered to meet to play table tennis in the parks of Paris. We went their fancy dressed and the parties were dramatized.
Once again, the goal was to meet creative people around a social activity.



I invited some talented people from Shanghai to have one time a month a diner to share our personal work and to have feedback from each other's.
The concept uses the same system as the End of Study Project sessions we had at school with students, but for active people who have parallel personal projects.
The approach was mainly creative, the goal was not to develop business model.

Movement Space


My wish project is to open a Space to activate creativity.