Since I graduated in Design, I have been involved in design education.
After several teaching and support experiences in some French schools,
I had the opportunity to lead a master's program in international design strategy in Shanghai for 5 years.

More than just teaching experience, I had to build an educative experience with a team of tutors.
I had to set up a system and design some specific tools made for international context.

I have worked with Western and Chinese students on projects in partnership with international companies.
I can support you in setting up and carrying out educational projects related to design and creative profession.

Educative space


We often underestimate the importance of our workspace organization.
There is often confusion between the creative space and the communication space.
The work environment is the first tool of teacher.
The space must communicate, inform and question the student.
I can support you in the development of your educational space.



To make teaching experience more efficient,
it is important to design our teaching tools as well.
A game or a simple accessory can help to communicate knowledge.
Let’s make education more interactive.



Studies allow a better professional integration when it’s made in partnership with professionals.
Having a structured pedagogy on partnership with companies is an asset.
However, the partnership must correspond to the pedagogical needs of the moment.
We need the appropriate partnership on time.
I can help you in setting up this type of partnership.



With more than 15 years of experience between France and China,
including 5 years devoted to design and cross-cultural issues,
I can support you on international projects and face cultural challenges.

Design Education History


To innovate, it is important to understand what our sector is based on.
I am currently working on a historical study of design education which I would be happy to share.
This story is full of educational experiments that can benefit much wider sectors than only design.



With my technological studies specialized in mechanics and production
as well as years of experience in design and development with partners located internationally,
it seems essential to me to include industry in the design process.
The design solution may not be on paper but on the field.
First users of our work are employees after our design.



By the quest to understand my environment,
I got into the habit of doing things myself for the first time.
In this way, I have a better estimate of the difficulty of the work to be accomplished,
especially when it comes to leading a team.
It's the best way to learn new techniques and stay reactive.

Kids Workshops


I teach design to all ages.
I also run creative workshops for teenagers.
Often linked to an exhibition,
this allows them to discover the history of art and techniques of expression.

Model making


I practice RC model construction.
This is a good exercise to work on precision.
Building a toy which works is also a good quality consideration.
Supervising modeling workshops allows you to discover the laws of physics in practice.